About Us

We deliver customised media technology solutions and services to produce & distribute high-quality AV content

with optimised and streamlined workflows.

Our solutions are carefully designed to meet your particular needs and business objectives, helping you monetise your business through flexible distribution services.


Our primary focus, however, is not on the technology itself, it is on our customers’ bottom line and business expansion. We deliver and implement solutions that will provide you with a clear return on investment and add value to the content you offer.


In an increasingly competitive and fragmented media marketplace, the only way to guarantee success and generate additional revenue is through the creation and delivery of high-quality AV content along with an exceptional viewer experience, no matter the means of delivery or the size of the screen. This is what VP Media Solutions does successfully with leading production companies, TV channels, digital archive libraries, radio web TV companies, and even public institutions. The solutions we offer include file-based production workflows, content distribution, digital archiving, managed technology and live production systems.


Founded in 1975 and based in Brussels – Belgium, VP Media Solutions was among the first to exploit the potential of a converged IT/broadcast world. We are a team of highly creative, flexible and experienced media technology professionals who are passionate about what we do. Through our partnerships with some of the worlds’ leading developers of software and hardware technologies, coupled with our in-house expertise, we are confident that whatever business or technology challenge you face, we can help you.


We offer a full range of architecture and consulting services, training, after-sales support and media services to companies active in the international media entertainment industry. You can learn more about our services and how working with us can be of benefit to your business in the related pages of this website.

“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around.” – Steve Jobs (World Wide Developers Conference, May 1997)