Live Production

Bringing live production into the age of IP

Business & technology processes are increasingly important with the move to IP

Those who know us are aware that the traditional part of our business derived from our decades of experience working in and with production studios. In addition to offering equipment such as vision mixers, multi-viewers, and large sensor studio cameras, we also deliver and optimise complete production workflows, for example, in the case of a sitcom.


With the move to IP and the cloud, traditional live production management methods will no longer be feasible. The days of connecting IP-cables is closing in as more and more devices are interoperable and communicate with each other over the network. Now is the time to start thinking in terms of processes and workflows so that your business has an effective, scalable and workable technological system in place. Our workflows include live IP technology, uncompressed video over IP, switching, monitoring, and so on.


Graphics, AR and VR takes your productions to the next level

Many broadcasters are using 3D graphics, Augment Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) tools to deliver a more entertaining and informative experience to their views, and in turn gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Furthermore, graphics effects (GFX) can leverage viewer engagement by integrating interactivity with social media, for example. As time progresses these value-added effects will become a central part of production workflows where graphical assistance will be increasingly required. VP Media Solutions already has the necessary abilities and technologies for all your graphical needs.


Broadcast live video in the most optimised way

Our technology solutions allow us to transmit your live content in the most convenient and smartest way possible, opening more possibilities for your live broadcasts. For example, we can integrate your live production for streaming purposes with applications from smartphones and to a cloud system where you have the option to bring remote journalists on air when needed.