Media Services

Cost-effective, scalable media content production and distribution infrastructure as a service

A complete cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution replacing CAPEX with OPEX


Media organisations face many challenges and obstacles with content distribution, such as encoding and transcoding, especially of unfamiliar content. Capitalising on our extensive history and expertise in the broadcast media industry, VP Media Services provides a unique new option for content distributors to achieve new levels of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


VP Media Services can provide your organisation with all the media content functionality it needs, but its real strength is in its ability to provide that functionality very flexibly in support of the launch of a temporary channel, for example, or to absorb short-term workload. It also enables you to benefit from a complete, fully featured media content production and distribution capability without the need to finance and manage it. Flexible and scalable, it can provide a simple alternative to an on-premise facility or an extension to it – and an as-needed, fast, cost-effective response to sudden peaks in demand.


This solution makes it significantly more affordable for your organisation to distribute new content, meaning that the return on investment equation changes, enabling new revenue-generating opportunities – such as music festivals or non-mainstream sports – to be explored that would otherwise not be economically feasible. It can also relieve you of the burden of managing your own systems, freeing time and resources while still allowing users to remain in complete control.


Everything is completely customisable


VP Media Services is also completely customisable, according to your bespoke needs: the user interface, for example, can be the one with which the user is already familiar. It is available as a complete, standalone solution – or it can be integrated within your existing systems. Whether the underlying infrastructure and processing is local or remote is completely transparent.