Content Distribution

Fully optimised content distribution solutions for linear and non-linear platforms

Technology has come a long way since tapeless playout came of age

Traditional linear playout is something that we’ve been doing for a very long time. You might be interested in knowing that in 1998 we installed Europe’s very first tapeless playout system. That might be two decades ago and since then technology has advanced exponentially. It is a part of our history that we are very proud of! Nowadays, most organisations opt for an OTT distribution model next to traditional linear playout.


A secure and fully optimised OTT platform

As one of the first companies to exploit the opportunities of an IT/broadcast world, we have several years’ experience in delivering all the technology required to install and configure an OTT channel. We provide end-to-end solutions that allow you to build your own OTT platform from A to Z. We also take care of all the technological necessities and features from satellite reception to encoding, to origin server, catch-up TV, PVR recordings, VoD transcoding, start-over TV and even integration with digital assistants.


Our OTT solutions are integrated with major VoD catalogue providers, as well as the metadata provided with the AV files, to create bespoke catalogues for you. So that your OTT delivery is fully optimised we can install the caching servers of the Content Delivery Networks (CDN), no matter what country your streaming service is made available to.


Fast turnaround from live to VoD

Many broadcasters want their live content to be available for playback as swiftly as possible. Some of the applications we offer can be integrated within your system to automatically capture live signals and deliver them as a VoD asset within 15 minutes to all platforms. This type of solution is fantastic for live news feeds, for example.


Fully featured solutions serving multiple devices & screens

We’re also able to integrate with the providers of Electronic Programme Guides (EPG) so that you have updated guides, whatever the device or media file. When it comes to encrypted and secured access, all our solutions can incorporate the latest technologies from Digital Rights Management (DRM) providers for digital access, as well as from Conditional Access systems (CAS) for DVB and IPTV deployments.


Having the capacity to download and store media for an OTT or VoD library is a feature that’s becoming increasingly popular for viewers as it allows then to playback that content on another screen. Each of our solutions is delivered with integrated storage so that viewers have speedy access to nPVR recording features.


Our content distribution solutions serve all devices from standard set-top boxes to browser-based equipment and smart devices running on iOS, Android and Android TV. We also deliver applications to all those devices.


As a broadcaster or a telecommunications operator, you most certainly have your own dedicated OSS and BSS systems in place for account creation, customer care and invoicing. At VP Media Solutions we can also integrate with everything “behind the scenes”, within the backend of your operations, so that everything is running harmoniously and efficiently.


Delivering & measuring media content on social media

Social media has become another means of reaching your audience through live video, almost instantaneously. VP Media Solutions can build custom workflows within your MAM system so that you can deliver media content within seconds of recording to YouTube, Facebook Live, and so on. As well as the typical measurement criteria, such as views, likes, and shares, our technology can also give you in-depth feedback and insights that will enable you to make smarter decisions for the content published on those platforms.


Dynamically sized OTT platforms for corporate networks & smaller deployments

Besides telco and cable operators that usually require big OTT platforms, we can also deliver the same experience on a smaller footprint. Broadcasters and corporate customers can leverage the same functionalities of our platform, in this case usually connected to a public CDN. We can, of course, scale out accordingly based on the event or channel requirements.