Architecture & Consulting

Effective and sustainable media technology solutions to meet your business objectives

We start with the end goal in mind and then find the perfect technology solution to meet your needs


We have been at the forefront of the media entertainment industry for more than forty years and were one of the first companies to exploit the potential of a converged IT/broadcast world. Our experience coupled with our business and technical expertise means that we are intimately aware of the challenges and opportunities you encounter in today’s rapidly changing media landscape. In fact, many of our team members were once users of the types of systems we install today. As such they have a thorough understanding of the many obstacles user soften confront when executing specific steps in a workflow.


At VP Media Solutions we always begin by understanding your business and your primary objectives. We then work backward so that we can find the perfect technology solution to enable you to meet your end goal. Our consultancy services aim to bring the pieces of an ever-complex puzzle together harmoniously, bringing you a fully-working and practical solution that will deliver a return on investment. Once the solution has been approved, we then help you build the systems architecture which is based on previously gathered user feedback and use cases while at the same time keeping the business goals you want to achieve in mind.


Our consultation services ensure that your request is fully optimised with the appropriate technological response to your business needs


Media companies will often approach us with a request for a particular technology or device. Based on this initial request, we can propose the technology solution your organisation is seeking. Frequently, however, once we have undertaken our consultation, asked the right questions and understood the overall business objectives, the technological needs of your business could be totally different to the one initially requested.

Hence, we stress the importance of beginning with the end goal in mind to design the most appropriate technological answers to meet your business and financial targets.