About Us

A new name, a new website, a brand-new visual identity … Video Promotion has changed since its creation back in 1975, and so have its projects, roles and professions. We needed a new name more in keeping with the services and solutions we provide today, so from now on, we will be known as VP Media Solutions rather than Video Promotion.

VP Media Solutions is one of the market leaders in the distribution and integration of digital video production and broadcast systems. But that’s not all we do as, for some years now, the computerisation of technology has seen IT assume an increasingly wide role within the broadcast sector. We were among the first to acquire expertise in this field and to ensure the convergence of IT and broadcasting. That’s why we have been able to successfully manage the computerisation of the key players in Belgium and Luxembourg’s audio-visual sector, such as the RTBF, the VRT, BeTV, EuroparlTV, Télé Bruxelles, Belgacom, Telenet, RTL and many more.

But we’ve also diversified, equipping ourselves with some of the best-performing archiving solutions on the market. Production companies, TV channels and digital archive libraries have all put their faith in us and continue to develop with us. From software and encoders to digital archive libraries and the management and use of storage space, we take care of every aspect and offer you sustainable infrastructures which are always accompanied by precise costing of the total cost of ownership.

And our development doesn’t stop there…

We have also developed expertise in the field of Radio Web TV. Since 2006, we’ve been installing automatic high-definition broadcast systems in radio studios. In other words, we allow radio stations to transmit images of their broadcasts in a dynamic fashion. This autonomous, voice-piloted technology has already been embraced in Belgium (VivaCité, QMusic and, soon, Pure FM) as well as in France (RTL, Fun Radio…), where we are a growing presence.

Methods of consuming content are also changing, with the broadcasting of tailored content via the Web becoming a priority for the media… and for VP Media Solutions too. We are therefore permanently adapting to technologies such as OTT (transportation and encoding of the signal for the Web, TV catch-up services, adaptability of feeds for the Android or Apple platforms), in order to meet our clients’ latest requirements.

Finally, one of the most recent services we’ve deployed concerns the technical architecture of audio-visual spaces. From the design stage of construction or renovation plans for your new buildings, we consider all the details that will permit the optimised integration of the systems and technologies inherent to your profession (studios, data centres, etc.). After all, the incorporation of these facilities will enhance your ergonomics, your work processes and your technical environment.

Video Promotion needed to evolve, as our business no longer revolves around the image alone. IT, radio and the worldwide web have all been grafted onto it, as have service, consultancy and solutions, tailored solutions that meet your expectations and your day-to-day requirements.

Our name may have changed and our services might have evolved, but our values and our team remain constant.


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