Over The Top telecoms

  • Over the top Telecoms

Whereas previously, content was made for one channel, today, it needs to be broadcastable on all, or at least, most of them (TV, Web, radio, VOD, mobile, cinema). To the telecoms – infrastructures and services which go through networks devoted to television –, can now be added OTT, broadcasting via the Internet of media, video and audio feeds. VP Media Solutions is present on both these scenes.

Methods of content consumption have changed. Already, in certain countries, more time is spent in front of the computer screen than in front of the TV. Tablets and smartphones have also become second screens, all of which are viewed while watching television. Consequently, broadcasting and adapting one’s Web content has become a priority for a number of channels and production studios.

It is therefore necessary to adapt the transportation and encoding of your signal for the web, to provide catch-up services for your programmes, to break up TV news so it can be tailored to the format of an iPad or to Android platform feeds, etc., etc.

VP Media Solutions can help you with this conversion which no medium can afford to avoid. And to do so, we have developed genuine expertise and working relationships with major names in telecoms and OTT such as Norkring, BSS, Globecast and Astra.