RTL, Public Sénat, the INA… VP Media Solutions firmly anchored in France


Over the past three years, VP Media Solutions has been investing in the French market. We’ve opened up an office at Cergy-Pontoise and some major players have already benefitted from our expertise, including RTL, Public Sénat and INA. Our aim now is to develop the team and cement our presence even more within France.

While VP Media Solutions is a market leader in the Benelux region, the firm remains a “small” integrator within France. But hopefully not for much longer… “Our goal is to develop, perhaps with the aid of an investor, a 100% French team in order to enable media groups beyond the Quiévrain to benefit from the expertise we’ve been providing in Belgium and Luxembourg since 1975”, declares Michel Loiseau, managing director of VP Media Solutions. “And several have already put their trust in us, such as RTL, Public Sénat or the INA”.

So what is VP Media Solutions’ USP on the French market? Its know-how, of course, but also its knowledge of numerous manufacturers’ products. “Due to Belgium’s size, few manufacturers tend to set up on our soil”, Michel Loiseau explains. “But through the importers, we have access to more products, a better overview of the market as a whole, and we can also compare solutions in order to offer our clients sustainable infrastructures with an optimised total cost of ownership.”

“In Belgium, the resources of TV and radio stations are much more limited than in France”, Michel Loiseau continues. “Nevertheless, we are still able to develop ultra-modern studios offering cutting-edge technology for reasonable prices. Yes, it can be done!”

A flawless reputation

One client which realised this was Public Sénat. TNT’s political information channel has thus been able to improve the value of its programmes through the deployment of collaborative work tools, developed and installed by VP Media Solutions.

In concrete terms, the journalists can now easily search for information and video within the channel’s legacy database. They can then select it, create collections and request its sending to the editing tools. The new procedures maximise the value of each individual’s work, as there is no more duplicated input of information from the creation of the cue sheet until the broadcast, but rather a suite of validations allowing a perfect transmission to be ensured. The same system is used for JT TV and for the info on the channel’s website. The cooperation between the players from these two media has thereby been enhanced, with each contributing to and enriching the other.

The same goes for RTL France, where VP Media Solutions has enabled the radio station to dynamically transmit images of their shows via an automated high-definition system of broadcast quality. With this fully autonomous voice-piloted system, all of the direction settings are defined and programmed in advance. But the automated system also allows any change of axis, background or movement (even complex) of the cameras comprising the system, courtesy of the manual mode whereby operations can be controlled intuitively via a touch screen. In short, with this system, RTL has acquired the services of a TV director… for its radio station.

In three years’ presence in France, VP Media Solutions has been able to demonstrate that even an average-sized integrator can meet the requirements of radio, TV and/or web channels, whatever their size. Now well-anchored in France with a larger team (which will be trained by the VPMS experts in Belgium), VP Media Solutions is well-placed to establish its renown still further and respond to all requests.