Your radio station in images on the Web

  • Pure FM

The dynamic conversion of a radio station’s broadcasts into image form has become one of the major assets of VP Media Solutions, courtesy of an automatic high-definition and high-quality broadcasting system. Fully autonomous and voice-controlled, it has already won over numerous Belgian, French and European stations and is also being unveiled by Pure FM on 9 September.

Opting for our HD broadcast system is a bit like acquiring the services of a TV director for your radio station. In this age of supremacy of the worldwide web, there’s no longer any question of whether your radio station should be online… in audio form, of course, but also in images.

In 2006, VP Media Solutions was the first integration company to offer this technology, for VivaCité. Since then, the likes of RTL France, Fun Radio, QMusic and Euranet have all placed their trust in us.

Our voice-controlled solution is entirely autonomous. All of the production settings are defined and configured in advance. Thanks to the automation system, it is also possible to allow for any change of axis, background or movement (even complex) of the cameras comprising the system. A manual mode is still provided, so anyone can take control of the operations intuitively via a touch screen (or an iPad, an iPhone, an Android, etc.).

In the future, due to its continuous development, this tool is sure to further widen the field of possibilities for radio stations.