New management positions: continuity… renewed


In 2015 VP Media Solutions celebrates its 40th anniversary. During these years technological breakthroughs have fundamentally changed the video and media business. VP Media Solutions has always been flexible and agile in adapting to new business models and stayed true to its mission statement : providing the latest technology to produce, monetize and distribute media content. Continuing with these values we announce today a consolidation of the management team. Lode Pattyn and Emmanuel Charlet will join Bruno Thieffry in leading the company through the challenges of IP migration and virtualization. Emmanuel and Lode have been providing their services for more than a decade in designing, implementing and maintaining production, playout, distribution and archiving systems. Today they will take the following roles :

Emmanuel : head of sales and pre-sales
Lode : head of services and support
Bruno : head of administration and finance

Michel Loiseau and Bruno Thieffry were the driving forces behind VP Media Solutions’ transition from the world of pure video to the broader media business. Michel will continue to leverage his extensive commercial experience for your current and future projects.

You can count on the broad expertise of our entire team to accompany you in tackling the technological challenges ahead in this… renewed continuity.

Emmanuel Charlet
Lode Pattyn
Bruno Thieffry