Broadcast Pix announces version 4 of Mica/Granite and version 3 of Flint


Broadcast Pix have announced version 4 of Mica and Granite & version 3 of Flint.
There are some key enhancements completed in the system and will appeal highly to your users.

Some highlights:

  • Clearkey: the new chroma keyer designed to key the most stubborn of spill from chroma keyed objects. This is a major improvement.
  • Two independent clip servers: 2 independent clip servers will now be standard in Mica/Granite and Flint, a feature being requested for a number of years. This eliminates the issues for existing slate customers who requested two clip servers.
  • Blackmagic Hyperdeck support: control the functions of a hyperdeck from your pixpad. Only switcher to support it!
  • AJA support: more Ki Pro support for the latest systems being released at NAB. Again only switcher to support Ki Pro.
  • Lumens PTZ camera support: a new high quality low cost PTZ camera
  • Vaddio PTZ camera support: more high quality PTZ camera support. The most comprehensive PTZ control in the industry
  • New multi viewer snap function: the ability to customize the layout of the interface quickly and recall it an instant.

Version 4 will be available free of charge to any customer who is on a support contract or has purchased a system within the past 14 months.
A one off upgrade price is available for any clients who want to purchase the single one of upgrade.
Version 3 of Flint will be available free of charge to all Flint customers.
The upgrades will be available in May.