Reliability with a low TCO: Belgacom TV selects Oracle T10000D for their Video Archive


Belgacom TV was looking to renew its existing Archival Storage Infrastructure that will allow them to fulfil its current and future Business & Infrastructural needs of the department up to 2018.
Belgacom’s main objectives were the introduction of a scalable archiving infrastructure, optimization of the Total Cost of Ownership, introduction of a high level of redundancy, and the maintenance of long term health of the archive.

VP Media Solutions was awarded the contract to supply a long term archive storage solution that would meet the technical and business goals. The storage platform is based on an Oracle SL3000 tape library with T10000D tape technology.
Oracle’s T10000D offers the reliability, performance and storage density that meets Belgacom’s expectations, delivering up to 252 MB/sec and 8.5TB native capacity. Oracle’s StorageTek SL3000 library answers the expected scaling requirements on a small footprint. StorageTek Tape Analytics software will proactively monitor the library environment to ensure the health and data availability of the global tape infrastructure.